Towels Have More Than One Use      
by Arleen M. Kaptur

It's summertime and beach parties are all around us. Even grilling outdoors next to a stream, river, or lake brings out the wonders of the season. It is summer and life is definitely easy.

If you want to try something super special for your outdoor mealtime table, use bath towels. They come in super bright colors and paradise designs. You don't have to worry about the kids spilling anything and food stains are a not to worry about problem. If, however, your table is a bit larger or longer than the towel that you have in mind, add to the dimensions by using solid color towels or a pattern that will coordinate with the one main one. Join them together with edging or trim that you can find for pennies at any fabric or dollar store. Fun shapes and designs just add to the creativity of the project.

Using smaller towels as napkins can be great for that gentle wipe of little faces and tiny hands. They are truly marvelous to wash and hang out to dry so the work is definitely at a minimum. It's summer and fast and easy are the words to live by. Towels can also serve as bibs for both children and grownups. Stitch some ribbing around the edges and around the neck leaving some length for tie-ups or just sew on a snap for easier handling. Serve that lobster or dripping with butter corn that you just picked up from the farmers' market and no one will worry about ruining their clothes, they will just enjoy the food and fun.

Use towels in your summertime living and there is no worry about stains or having to launder delicate fabrics. They are meant to absorb and be reused over and over again. Think up of themes such as fish or flowers, stripes and rainbows and mix and match colors because outdoor dining can be as vivid as the colors of the season. Have fun with your table decor and everyone will think you went through a lot of trouble on their account - that's okay too. Colors and summer are a made in heaven match - so enjoy. ©Arleen M. Kaptur June, 2007

About the Author: Arleen M. Kaptur has written numerous articles for magazines and newspapers about living life to its fullest and enjoying every minute of it.
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