Tennis Mental Game: Easy Tips to Win Big Games   
by Matthias Mazur

When you are preparing for a big tennis match, it can be quite tough to stay focused and keep your head straight. There are many things that you want to remember, because each element can be the key difference in the outcome of your match. We all know that tennis is a very physical game, but it is even more a mental game. By learning tennis mind techniques and tips that will give you the advantage, you will always have the control during the big matches.

How to control your nerves - You always want to remember that although you may be nervous, your opponent may be just as nervous as you are, if not even more nervous than you. This is especially true if your opponent is ranked higher than you are. He is expected to win and is thrust into the spotlight in this way. So, he has everything to lose, and you have everything to gain. By being aware of this simple mind shift, you can become less nervous and hopefully your opponent's nerves will go haywire as your opponent is struggling just as you are. He even might be worried about more things than you are. You never know when they might be dealing with a nagging injury, or having an off day or whatever else he might be dealing with. Remember that it's not all on you.

Start Off Easy - When you're playing in a large and important match, many players make the mistake of starting off by playing with super shots and big plays. However, what happens most of the time is that this might cause you to overplay and make mistakes that could cost you the game. By simply starting out slowly and playing normally, you'll become more relaxed. This will allow you to take advantage of situations where you can get the upper hand. Don't come out trying to make outstanding shots - simply play efficiently and keep your head cool and you will have the upper hand in big matches.

Don't Be Intimidated - When you're playing in a big match, remember that you're simply playing with a ball on your side of the court. You're not playing your opponent's reputation, family, or anything like that. You're working with the ball on your side of the court and nothing else. This is a great way to stay focused so that you can deal with any sort of situation in the game, and also so that you can take advantage of your opponent's weaknesses.

Another thing that will help you to keep from being intimidated is to stay competitive. Take advantage of all the opportunities when they arise and use them to tip the game in your favor. This is something that the world-class players always stay ready for. By utilizing these tips and ideas you will stay ahead of the game.

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