Seniors can have real gain from the right exercise    
by Gilbey Scott

Who Says Seniors Don't Have Time For Health?
Senior health is a popular topic these days as aging baby boomers try to figure out the best ways to keep enjoying their golden years... which happily are lasting longer and longer in the 21st Century. Senior fitness is also an important issue as technology and labor-saving devices have created a landscape where 'hard work' is diminished... but so are the long-term health benefits that come from leading an active life. And senior health is also a key to a healthy mind. Numerous studies point to a strong connection between regular exercise and emotional stability, providing strong evidence that many seniors can literally exercise away their depression.

Seniors Workout In The 21st Century
Challenging workouts and vigorous exercise have replaced shuffleboard and dominoes in the lives of 21st Century seniors. With plans to live into their 90's and beyond, older fitness enthusiasts as well as seniors who never thought about exercise when they were young are now part of the workout craze. Especially, for seniors who are retired or working from home, a daily workout is an incentive to get the body moving. Keeping physically fit is just as important as keeping mentally fit, and seniors understand the 'Point A to Point B' relationship between a body in peak condition and a mind that is, too.

The ABC of Senior Exercise
For optimum senior health, the ABC of older fitness is actually ESC - Endurance, Strength and Cardio. These three forms of exercise target different senior health needs and should all be integrated into your workout program. Endurance exercise increases blood flow and may protect older people from cardiac injury during a heart attack, according to a new University of Florida study. Strength exercises increase muscle mass and improve metabolism which aids in maintaining a healthy weight...a key challenge in senior health. Workouts that target the cardiovascular system promote heart health. Add stretching and balance exercises for a complete approach to senior health and overall senior fitness.

Fit Seniors Are Smart Seniors, Literally!
When seniors exercise, their workout has a positive effect on muscles, joints, and bones. But the amazing news is that exercise for seniors provides far more than just physical fitness. Literally providing a workout for the brain as well as the body, exercise supports senior health by improving blood flow and increasing metabolism. Overall brain function is also improved thanks to better circulation. This can bring a dramatic improvement to a senior's mental acuity and memory function. Seniors who workout regularly, report that their exercise program leaves them feeling positive and happy, with a positive attitude that carries over into non-workout hours.

Feel The Burn and Set Calories On Fire
Seniors need to be aware of weight and its relationship to fitness. As the body ages, it becomes more difficult for seniors to maintain an ideal weight without a fitness program, regular workouts and exercise. If you can BOOST YOUR METABOLISM, your body will be able to burn more calories per day. The good news for senior fitness is that exercise naturally boosts your metabolism. Your fitness level will get a real boost if you add weight training or progressive resistance exercise that builds muscle to your workout. Muscle burns more calories than fat, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even when you're resting.

Senior Exercise Prevents Embarrassing Senior Conditions
One of the 'secret' benefits seniors enjoy from exercise is freedom from worry. Exercise strengthens muscles that hold the body's organs in place to prevent many of the conditions that keep seniors from enjoying their lives fully. The positive effect on the muscles that hold the bladder is the reason many older fitness enthusiasts have found that keeping to a regular workout helps them put off some of the most common (and potentially embarrassing) signs of aging, including urinary tract problems. Simple pelvic exercises performed for a few minutes a day, several times a week, can improve senior health exponentially.

The Secret of Success
There's no 'magic bullet' that guarantees senior health and fitness. There's not even a 'magic' workout or exercise. If there's any 'magic' in senior fitness, it's a magic word. That word is COMMITMENT. For any exercise program or fitness regimen to work, you need to follow it regularly...for life. A great way to stay motivated is to KEEP A DAILY EXERCISE JOURNAL. Record the kind of exercise you did that day, your heart rate, and anything else that's meaningful to you. You'll feel great when you review the progress you've made in creating a lifetime of good health for yourself.

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