50 Ways To Say "I Love You" For under $5   
by Susan Allred

If you are in a new relationship and want to be creative, or if you've been in a relationship for a long time, check out our list of fun and creative ways to show that special someone that you love them.

1. Say, "I Love You". You may think they KNOW you love them, but it’s always nice to HEAR you say it.
2. Write them a love letter
3. Sing them a love song
4. Record a bunch of your favorite love songs and give it to them
5. Buy a bag of candy and write "I love You" in candy on their bed
6. Give them a back rub
7. Give them one single rose
8. Serenade them at their door or window
9. Call them at work and tell them you were thinking about them and love them
10. Make up a scavenger hunt for them to play - make yourself the prize!
11. Write or recite them a love poem
12. Give them a balloon with "I Love You" written on it
13. Send a card
14. Give a chocolate rose
15. Send a Candy Gift
16. Take them to watch the sun rise or set
17. Send virtual flowers
18. Send an e-mail stating you love them
19. Bite your tongue the next time they get on your nerves
20. Say "I'm Sorry" the next time you argue - regardless of who was at fault
21. T.P. their car and put "I love you" on the windshield in soap
22. Change their screensaver to say "I Love You"
23. Write a list of all the things you love about them and mail it to them
24. Write "I Love You" with crayon soap on their tub enclosure
25. Put Hershey's Hugs and Kisses in their coat pockets
26. Put heart confetti between their sheets
27. Write "I kiss the ground you walk on" on their driveway with chalk
28. Cook their favorite meal
29. Give them a "Heart Attack" (put cut-out hearts all over their yard, their bed, their office, their living room, etc.)
30. Write, "I Love You" on their toilet paper so that they'll find it the next time they use the bathroom
31. Write up several cards with "I Love You" on them and hide them in places where your loved one will find them during the day or week
32.Bake or buy heart-shaped cookies
33. Bring breakfast in bed
34. Make heart-shaped pancakes
35. Let them sleep in on the weekend (this is especially wonderful if your special someone has kids)
36. Let them watch a TV show they love, but you hate
37. Do a household chore for your loved one that they normally do
38. Get a cheap bag of fertilizer and write "I love You" in the lawn, that area of grass will grow faster than the rest of the lawn and will be a constant reminder
39. Spray paint I love you in the grass the day before the lawn is mowed
40. Be their slave for a day
41. Massage their feet
42. Cut up a bunch of lips and put them all over their home
43. Give them a candle and write a note stating, " You light up my life"
44. Make their lunch and write "I Love You" on their napkin
45. Write it on their mirror with lipstick
46. Get glow-in-the-dark stars and write it on their wall or ceiling in their bedroom
47. Get a can of whipped cream and write it on their windshield or window (best in winter months)
48. Make a cake and ice it, then write "I Love You" on the top
49. Cut their sandwiches into little hearts
50. Smother them with kisses. (real kisses or Hershey's kisses will work)

About the Author
Susan is owner of AC Bouquet Candy Bouquets & Gift Baskets located at http://www.acbouquet.com. She has worked with major corporations as well as the general public offering a variety of gifts and services including wholesale, dropshipping, incentive gifts, candy bouquet tutorial videos, teaching classes, and more.

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