Planning to Visit Palm Springs?
     by Caitlin Moore     

Far enough away from Los Angeles to avoid the crowds and protected from any sign of bad weather and pollution by the imposing presence of the San Jacinto mountains, Palm Springs is the definition of a desert oasis. A visit here will whet a person's appetite for all things California while satisfying the thirst for utter relaxation as well. Palm Springs is a pretty safe bet for those in need of a place to lay low, play around or reconnect with a significant other, so pack a bag and aim high for this trip that's sure to please.

California, in some people's opinion, has been unfairly blessed with more than its fair share of natural beauty. Coming from a less visually stunning state, it seems that this coastal paradise is brimming with bounties everywhere you look. Maybe it's the constantly sunny weather, maybe it's the infectious smiles that everyone wears, or maybe it's just the fact that you're not at work or school, but when you stroll around Palm Springs you'll find yourself positively enchanted.

The splashy colors you'll encounter in Palm Springs won't just come from the desert, the sunsets and all the sparkling pools and golf courses; this town has brains as well as beauty, or at least a creative mind anyway. The Palm Springs Art Museum is a well-known asset to this community and features a number of collections. Modern art, sculptures, Native American art and photography are just a few examples of the genres represented, and there is also a theater whose schedule includes the likes of ballet, jazz, opera and comedy. Take a dose of culture along with the mindless lounging you're sure to do on this trip (it's okay, you deserve it) and stop by this worthwhile museum.

Get back to nature by hopping aboard the Aerial Tramway. This enclosed rotating car takes passengers to a higher altitude and reveals the Palm Springs area in all its glory. From 8,000 feet up you'll feel far, far away from the real world, surely a very good thing. Up top you'll find cooler temperatures and great hiking, so take a few minutes to enjoy it before heading back down to the next exciting distraction you can come up with.

Not that it's hard. For example, don't miss Palm Canyon Drive. This palm tree-lined street sparkles all the time with lights, art galleries, celebrity sidewalk stars, fresh fruit stands, live music, and plenty of chances for people watching. Thursday nights are an especially hopping time thanks to what is known as Villagefest, so if you're here on this day of the week be sure to stop by for some sensory stimulation.

Moorten Botanical Garden, a cluster of historic inns, Indian Canyons, the Air Museum and nearby Joshua National Park are a few more sites definitely worth seeing. Palm Springs is more than just a pretty face, and it will take a little while to make the rounds. Hopefully you've saved up enough vacation days so that you won't have to rush around like mad to see it all; part of the experience is allowing enough time to dawdle, amble, and stroll as well.

Speaking of slowing down to enjoy the experience, find a comfy desert hideaway in the form of a Palm Springs Vacation Rental. These town homes, villas and charming little houses come in all shape and size and have a way of adding a touch of class and convenience to any trip. Pick one that's close to town or one that's off in the wild California desert (well, not too wild) to achieve the privacy and comfort that is necessary to complete your Palm Springs getaway.

From the vacation homes to the ample activities, Palm Springs knows how to show anyone a good time. Drop by for a few days or a few weeks, however long it'll take to recharge your batteries and remember what it's like to truly feel alive and well.

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