Stop Mosquitoes From Infesting Your Home     
by John Grimes

Spring and summer days are glorious as you sit out in the sun and relax. They can be ruined, however, by that eternal buzzing noise and the occasional bite of a mosquito. A few preventative steps can help you stop mosquitoes from becoming a problem.

It happens every year. I head off to bed. Just as I am about to sleep, I hear it. Buzz, buzz, buzz. A mosquito. If I am lucky, two or three of them. I start imagining them biting me. On come the lights and the next hour or so is spent trying to find the mosquito and squash it. So much for a restful night of sleep!

The simple fact is mosquitoes can ruin the tranquility of your home. That being said, you can fight back by taking some pretty basic steps. The goal isn't to kill the mosquitoes so much as it is to prevent them from ever gaining a foothold in your home or yard. Here are some helpful tips.

Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water. If they cannot find stagnant water, they will not breed and will move on to another location that has it. Given this fact, the first step you need to take is to remove all stagnant water from around your house. Birdbaths, areas under hoses or faucets in walls are common breeding grounds. If you use pots that have a base to collect excess water, check those as well.

Many people enjoy having a fishpond in their yard. By definition, this is a large body of standing water unless you have really athletic fish. Maybe a shark. Great White, preferably. Regardless, such standing water is prime mosquito breeding ground. In fact, it is like the ultimate singles bar for mosquitoes.

So, do you have to go without the pool? Nope. Keep it stocked with minnows or goldfish. Both species consider mosquitoes and their eggs to be a delicacy. Mosquitoes will be attracted to the water and promptly eaten. The mosquito population will practically disappear. Your fish, of course, will get fat. Fish diets, however, are a subject for another article.

Mosquitoes are annoying in many ways. To keep them from becoming a nuisance around your house, take steps to make the area unfriendly to them.

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