Common Home Security Mistakes
By Fraser Wheaton

Burglars are not always the way we imagine them or see them in movies. They’re not always ninja-like swift and agile, they’re not always clever, they don’t always have access to high tech to break into our homes. What all burglars share in common though is the ability to profit from a home owner’s mistakes. After a burglary, I wager that more than half of the victims think to themselves: “I could have prevented this if only I wouldn’t have…” Replace the suspension points with a random home security common mistake.

First of all, some of the most common home security mistakes involve putting your house up as an easy target. For example, leaving your yard shrubs and trees untrimmed will make a burglar spot your house as a potential easy pick, since he will have a lot of room to maneuver around undetected, even during daytime. Another landscaping-related home security common mistake is leaving tools around the yard. Leaving the ladder with which the burglar will climb to the open window around the yard means that you basically gave him a hand in robbing you!

Another home security common mistake is key hiding. It’s surprising how many people still resort to such a risky procedure. Even inexperienced burglars will check under the mat or above the door first as it would save them a lot of trouble and time if they get the key. The main problem, however, is not that hiding the key under the mat is such a huge security risk in itself, but it puts you up for a burglary a lot easier. You can easily be seen hiding the key, which will mark your home as a target of opportunity, even though it wasn’t in any burglar’s plans.

You may not give your garage’s security a lot of importance, but trust me, a burglar will. Leaving the garage unprotected or worse, unlocked, is another home security common mistake. You might ask why it’s a home security and not a garage security issue. Well, if the garage connects to your home through a backdoor, it will give the burglar all the time in the world to work on it and a place to hide if something goes wrong. Some home- owners do a double security mistake here, in that they leave a pair of keys to the house in the car. Experienced burglars will easily get in your car and check for them. If they find a pair of keys in the dashboard, you’ve done half the work for them. Might as well help them carry out your big screen TV next time as well.

As you can see, it doesn’t take a lot to get a basic home security protection. All it takes is a bit of common sense and forming natural habits of things like locking tools, trimming shrubs, locking all doors and windows and so forth. If you follow these rules and you have solid locks and some lighting around your house, you might not even need a professional home security system or a burglar alarm installed as they will be sufficient in preventing burglars from picking your home as a target, as well as stopping them if they try anything.
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