The Importance Of Flexibility Exercise For Golf Swings
by Terry Edwards

As a golfer, you know how important flexibility is for your golf swing. Without being limber and flexible, you can hardly expect to hit a golf ball very far. I find that most golfers ignore golf fitness exercise programs for whatever reasons, but it could be the key you've been looking for in playing better golf.

Think about this for a minute. You've gone to the golf store and spent a countless amount of money for new golf clubs, balls, shoes and other items, but it hasn't helped you hit the ball any longer or lowered your handicap by a single stroke.

Did you know that in fact, the average handicap for both men and women is the same as it was 15 years ago? So, what is the missing ingredient? I believe it's the lack of a simple and easy golf fitness exercise program.

In order to hit the ball farther and play better golf, you need to improve these four areas:

1. Flexibility - exercise for elite golf performance starts with flexibility. It's what creates a successful and powerful golf swing. You have to prepare your muscles for a round of golf. Finding a good flexibility exercise for golf swings will go a long way in improving your game.

2. Strength - Any golf exercise program should include exercises for building strength. By strengthening your golf muscles, you'll create power, as well as protection from injury to your back and mid section.

3. Balance - This is important for controlling your muscles during the golf swing. Maintaining balance during the weight transfer on your backswing has a huge effect on your game. There are many simple exercises to help in developing better balance.

4. Endurance - A golf fitness exercise program should also include exercises to increase your endurance. Fatigue can be your worst enemy on the back 9. An endurance exercise for elite golf performance will make sure this doesn't happen to you.

I would encourage you to start in a golf exercise program. It can be the difference you've been looking for improving your golf game.

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