How To Prevent Golf Injuries From Happening 
by Kenny Lindsay

Nothing is worse than getting an injury which prevents you from enjoying the sports you love or your favorite hobby. Even worse is when the injury that you incurred takes place and then prevents you from going to work and getting on with your life properly. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to ensure that when playing golf that you take every possible measure to ensure that you will not become injured. Here are a few great ways to reduce the chances of this happening to you as little as possible:

1. Always Warm-Up Properly: This is an absolute essential measure to take and is the best way to prevent golf injuries from happening. Not only will it mean that you reduce your chance of injury but it will also mean that you play better, too! It is amazing how many players turn up late for their round and then scrabble about and go onto the golf course without having done anything to get themselves into gear. Make sure that you do not fall into this category by always turning up for your round at least 20 minutes before teeing off.

Upon arriving early at the golf course, the first place you want to head is the practice range. There you want to do some stretching before starting off with some gentle swings to loosen you up. Gradually work your way up through the different clubs until you have used them all. This will not only get your eye in but will mean that you have warmed up and hit your first shot of the day in a nice relaxed manner, hence, greatly reducing the chances of you pulling an injury.

2. Pay Attention To Weather: When the weather is cold it is far more likely that you will become injured. This is because your muscles become stiff. You must make sure that you wear ample clothing that will keep you suitably warm at all times. There is now specialty golf gear available which is very effective at retaining body heat and allowing golfers to play effectively under any conditions. It could be well worthwhile for you to invest in a good set of these clothes knowing that the consequence of an injury could be very unpleasant.

3. Eat And Drink Properly: You are far more likely to pull a muscle when your body is tired. Therefore, it is very important that you do all that is possible to stay in a positive and energetic state for the whole duration of the round. Drink plenty of water and have some fruit and cereal bars handy at all times.

It is far better to prevent golfing injuries before they happen than having to treat golfing injuries at a later date. Paying to treat golf injuries can be very expensive and that is something that you will definitely want to avoid.

Remember to continue to enjoy your golf game at all times and know that there is also the added bonus that when you take active measures to prevent golf injuries from occurring the steps you take will be the same ones that will make you play better, too!

About the Author: Kenny Lindsay is a lifelong golfer who loves to share helpful advice with fellow golfing friends. For the best information on how to improve your golf game Kenny highly recommends you have a look at
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