How To Choose The Best Fireplace Screens
For Your Home
by Kensium solutions

Fireplace screen is one of the most important accessories in any fireplace unit. A fireplace screen was primarily created to provide an efficient shield from the fire & keeping sparks, hot ash or logs from getting into your room. It safeguards those people who are sitting near the fireplace as fireplace screen acts as a barrier to the intense heat and smoke that comes from the fire.

A fireplace screen also gives a huge boost to the attractiveness of your fireplace. Many homeowners use fireplace screens to decorate their fireplace. Some home- owners even use more than one fireplace screen for special occasions or one when it is in use and one when it is not.

There are lots of types of fireplace screens that are available in the market:

Iron Fireplace Screen

Fireplace screen made of iron is one of the top choices of homeowners nowadays. Iron Fireplace Screen is more reliable when it comes to safety. It comes in stunning designs and styles too.

Wrought Iron Fireplace Screen

Wrought Iron is very durable metal and you can use it as long as you desire. It is irrelevant whether your fireplace area is working or non-working, putting a wrought iron fireplace screen will be a prefect selection to this very important point of the room.

Glass Fireplace Screen

Glass fireplace screens will quickly draw attention because of its contemporary look that is pleasing to eyes. But not all glass fireplace screens are heat resistant, so make sure you check it and some are used only for decoration. The fireplace screens are also available in Stained Glass and are popular nowadays because of their pleasant appearance. It can be designed into different shapes and illustrates a full spectrum of amazing colors.

Flat Fireplace Screen

Flat fireplace screens are made of steel mesh screen and metal frame to make sure it is durable and efficient in keeping the ash from getting into your room. It is also the most distinctive type of fireplace screens available today.

Decorative Fireplace Screen

A decorative fireplace screen not only serves as a barrier but is also designed to bring out the beauty of the fireplace. Just remember that most decorative fireplace screens are not functional; meaning, they can not be used when you are burning fire in your fireplace. Hence, you need to have a separate screen when you are using your fireplace.

Rustic Fireplace Screen

Rustic fireplace screen is popular and it shows elegance and serenity. It can improve the appearance of any existing fireplace, whether it is in use or not. Even dull-looking and old wood burning fireplaces will become stylish when accessorized with rustic themed screen.

Custom Fireplace Screen

Custom fireplace screen can give a distinct look to your home. Beauty of Custom fireplace screen is unmatched because each is handcrafted and designed specially to match your home's interior design, but it is expensive compared to other fire screens.

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