5 Tips to Improving Digital Camera Photography     
by Kimberly Shannon

Whether you are using your digital camera for recreational use or are considering a venture into the world of professional photography, you will find it helpful to know some important tips to improving the overall quality of each picture that you take.

1) If you are taking a picture of a person or your favorite pet, make sure that you place the camera at the subject's eye level. If you are photographing a child sitting down or your new puppy lying on the ground, you will need to stoop down to their level. This does not mean that the subject has to be staring into the camera directly because just being at their eye level will create an inviting image.

2) Avoid taking a photograph with a lot of activity in the background. Instead, a plain background will bring more attention to your subject and less to what is going on around it. When you look through the viewfinder, also take a moment to scan the surrounding area in an effort to make sure there are no distracting factors in the background.

3) Did you know that using your digital camera's flash outdoors can greatly enhance the quality of your image? If you are taking photographs on a sunny day, especially, shadows are often very problematic and can be reduced or eliminated altogether with the use of the flash.

4) When taking photos with your digital camera, move as close to your subject as possible. You can use the zoom feature if you are unable to get as close as you would prefer because your goal should be to fill the entire picture with your subject. If you get too close, however, the photo may end up blurry. If you are in doubt, take several pictures just to make sure you get the perfect one.

5) Get creative with your digital camera pictures. Take both horizontal and vertical photos. Most people simply point and click and never give another thought to the option of taking vertical photos, which can greatly enhance an image of tall subjects. From office buildings to landmarks, vertical photos are often the best way to capture every single detail of your subject in one single image.

While you are taking photos, no matter your location, take special care to notice the lighting. Cloudy days often provide optimal photo opportunities, but you will need to be aware of much more than just the weather pattern. If you are using your digital camera indoors, consider the lighting and try to avoid anything that may cause a glare in the photo. Afterall, the brightest thing in your photo should be the subject.

About the Author
Kimberly Shannon enjoys photography, researching her hobbies, and has many digital camera adventures. Receive her digital camera tips by sending a blank email to: digitaltipweekly@aweber.com
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