Beginner or Novice Golfers: Start with a
     "Pre-Owned" set of Golf Clubs     
by Ernie Horning

As a beginner or novice golfer, you want to avoid the expense of purchasing a "New" set of golf clubs, and concentrate your efforts on finding a good set of "Used" golf clubs (also know as "Pre-Owned".)

Major golf club manufacturers introduce new lines of clubs almost every year. With the yearly advances in golf club technology, many golfers regularly upgrade their existing golf sets in pursuit of improving their game and lowering their handicap. This leaves the golf club market flooded with high quality, bargain sets of golf clubs. The trade-in market has become so huge, that a few major golf club manufacturers have launched their own sites to meet the demand, like "Callaway Golf" ( The question is where, and how, do you find the best set of clubs for you?

Online is a great place to start. You want to get a feel for the market by comparing the prices of the "Pre-Owned" clubs offered by the thousands of sites advertising the sale of used clubs (Searching "Google" alone will bring up about 700,000 sites.) Surf a few sites and compare the quality and prices of numerous club sets. While you are on the internet, E-bay may also prove to be beneficial in searching for your set of used golf clubs. The selection and variety of clubs available changes daily, so you will have to keep a close watch to find the best deal for your golf clubs.

Also, you may want to look for a "Beginner" golf set, which usually consist of the #3, #5, #7, and #9 irons. Beginner sets of clubs normally include a "Wood" or two, and a "Putter" as well. At this point in your golf career, you really don't need to purchase a "full" set of clubs. Mainly, because you may not be playing golf very long or very often. The best choice may even be a "Pre-Owned" beginner set of clubs. Don't confuse a set of "Beginner" golf clubs with "Kids" golf clubs, which come in smaller sizes and/or lengths for kids. If you feel like you are bending over too far to swing the clubs, they are probably too short. You should be able to stand fairly straight, with your knees slightly bent, and your arms should hang freely as you grasp the club.

Your local newspaper is also a great place to look for a set of clubs. All year-round you will find bargains on some quality sets of golf clubs. This also gives you the opportunity to see and swing the clubs. It helps to get a feel for the clubs before you buy the set. Check out the condition of the grips, shafts (steel or graphite), and the club heads. Compare them to other clubs you have seen for the same price. Many people are selling some very nice clubs because they have either updated their own set of clubs, or have given up the game of golf.

Local golf stores and sporting goods stores are a good place to shop for a "Pre-Owned" set of golf clubs. Many are now accepting trade-ins, for new sets of clubs, and re-sale the used golf clubs at good prices. Many have an in-store practice tee or net for you to try the clubs before you buy them. Your nearest driving range or pro shop may also carry "Pre-Owned" sets. They might even give you a free bucket of balls while you try the clubs. They can also advise you on how the clubs fit your body type and swing.

Last, but not least, check with friends, relatives, co-workers, or any contact of yours (and your spouse if you have one.) Golf popularity is at an all time high, you might be surprised who you know that plays golf. Odds are, if they have been playing for awhile, they have an extra set or two in the garage that they might be willing to sell. They might even let you try them out for free, to see if you like the game. And wouldn't that be the best bargain of all!


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