Fighting allergies and pollens in a natural way
by Swati A

The spring season brings about a 2-3 month trouble to millions of Americans and people all across globe, including myself. Being a strong believer of curing things naturally without swallowing the chemical based tablets unless one really have to.

Below are the most recommended ways to fight allergies naturally. Natural remedies are easily available, but it is always recommended to consult a doctor before to taking up any medicine or natural remedy for allergies.

1. Eat natural Anti-histamine foods: Onions, garlic and Citrus fruits like lemon and oranges contain natural antihistamines. You should definitely consider increasing these foods in your diet.

2. Air Purifiers : This is the MOST effective anti-allergy device for many people. Especially when at home in the evenings and night, helps to get you a good night sleep. Some filters have an additional 'ionic' feature which many people like me prefer not to use. These HEPA compatible filters take out most of the pollen from air around you. Dehumidifiers can be used to lessen mold which is another cause of allergies.

3. Local honey : It's recommended that you start eating about 1-2 teaspoons of locally grown natural honey before the allergy season starts. The reason being that honey is known to have some low levels of pollen, and taking it before the season helps your body to get use to some pollen level in advance before the full blown season strikes.

4. Nasal Rinse : Again, a very effective way to rinse of all the pollen struck and some bacteria in the nasal passages. There are quite a few available with PH balancing salt to mix with filtered/boiled home water so there is no water irritation while doing the rinse.

5. Pollen free home: Please clean your carpets, bed sheets, floors and curtains, say at least once in a week. Get a Hepa certified vacuum cleaner so the air coming out from your vacuum cleaner does not dump the pollen back in the air of your home.

6. Hot liquids: are helpful to get relief from congestion; Green tea works well and also has antioxidants. Please be careful while handling the hot liquids. Marshmallow Root is also a good decongestant.

7. Avoiding foods: Avoid any foods you know that you are allergic to and may trigger allergies.

8. Avoid outdoors when pollen level is high. go to websites like which have a very up-to date information on pollen levels of today and coming days, that site is also very good to find good allergy information and equipment. If you have to work in garden or cut grass then use a pollen mask.

9. Evening Shower: When you come home in the evening, take a warm shower and wash your hair. Hair's can hold lot of pollen while you were out.

10. Window filter: Keep doors and windows closed most of the time (or little open); consider buying anti pollen window filter screen. Basically a screen you can put on the window which allows the air to pass through but keeps the pollen out.

Quite a few people prefer taking anti-allergic medicines and flu shots, not always by choice but sometimes natural approaches are not enough.

About the Author: By Swati A, For more articles on health visit

Swati is an enthuiastic writer and enjoys sharing experiences with other people.
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