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Our Advertisers Are Raving About Advertising In Today's Senior Magazine
Just a few samples of how an ad in Today's Senior Magazine will help bring new customers to your business:
Senior Health and AdvertisingA dentist  picked up the magazine and called us for a quote.  During the sales meeting he mentioned that he just hasn't had a lot of success advertising, in either the yellow pages or the local newspaper, which he was currently running an ad.  He took a quarter-page ad for 3 months.  After the 3 months we once again met with him. He wanted to increase his ad to a half-page and extended his Agreement for 12 months because he was so happy with the results.  He got 31 new customers the first month from his ad in Today’s Senor Magazine, and he is so busy that he would have to expand his office (which he has done).

Senior Housing and AdvertisingA real estate agent  ran a half-page editorial type ad for one month.  That was almost five months ago and the ad is still running because of the amount of hits they are getting.  She said she got 15 hits the first week.  She has since moved to a new real estate company and her new broker has decided to run the ad for her and the rest of his agents.

Senior Finances and AdvertisingA small auto detail company decided to take out a month-by-month ad because his business was real slow and he didn't want to commit.  This was in December 04.  His ad is still running, his business is going gangbusters, and he has only been advertising with us.

Senior Presecription Drugs and AdvertisingA Canadian Drug company contacted us through our web site.  They took a one-month half-page black & white ad just to see the results.  After the first month they increased their ad to a full-page full color ad because of the amount of business they got off their first ad.  This was a year ago, and they are still advertising.

Senior Herbs and AdvertisingA Herbalife dealer in New York signed a one-month agreement for a quarter- page ad.  Then she increased it to a three-month basis, and is now on a twelve- month basis because of the success of her ad in Today’s Senior Magazine.

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