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Advertising to Seniors Online and in Print
If you’re not advertising to seniors, you’re missing out on a tremendous marketing opportunity. Seniors are online, and making decisions and purchases. But what is a senior? Forget the definitions of “senior citizens” or “elderly” or “over the hill.” A senior is someone over 50 years of age. Of those that are 50+, over 50% have computers. What are they doing with those computers? Nearly 90% of those computing seniors are going online to use the Internet.  Today’s Senior Magazine reaches those seniors with our online presence, 

Today’s Senior Magazine doesn’t just advertise to those seniors those surfing the net. To market to seniors, you need to be in the place where they are, reaching them with informative, insightful, and entertaining articles. That’s why Today’s Senior Magazine’s print publication is widely distributed. Our print editions are strategically placed in locations where seniors visit. They get picked up by readers, are read, and re-read. That’s why with a circulation of more than 75,000, your marketing dollars are well spent.

Advertising to seniors is a great way to promote your products and services. Recent studies indicate that seniors control 70% of all U.S. wealth. What are baby boomers buying? Probably the things you’re trying to promote and advertise—prescription medications, medical services, vacation and travel plans, and senior housing. By advertising with Today’s Senior Magazine, you can bring your message to the forefront of seniors view—whether online or in print. Per capita, seniors and those over 50 are the biggest spenders on travel and leisure than any other group. 

Advertising dollars are not to be wantonly spent. Put your marketing money where you can truly be seen—both on the Internet and print. By working with Today’s Senior Magazine you can be assured your resources will be well spent—actually advertising to seniors.