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Advertising to Spending Seniors
If you think advertising to seniors is all about selling a fishing trip, RV, or prescription drug, then you’re missing out. When you do the research and review the facts, seniors are where you want to target advertising dollars. Seniors spend more per capita on groceries, over the counter drugs, health products, travel, and leisure than any other age group. Let’s review some of these.

Advertising to seniors about groceries. - Do you eat food? So do seniors? Do you buy products? So do seniors. In fact, as a group, seniors are tremendous consumers of grocery-related consumables. Seniors—and advertisers know this—are tremendously interested in health-care related products such as vitamins, dietary supplements, and nutritional aids. Alongside of advertisements, Today’s Senior Magazine includes information about the type of news and information seniors want.

Advertising to seniors about health products - Seniors are concerned about their health. That’s why marketing to baby boomers for prescription medication and other health-related products makes complete sense. Seniors are looking for advertisements that will lead them to quality health products. Amidst advertisements for health-related issues, Today’s Senior Magazine also provides informative articles on health issues.

Advertising to seniors about travel – Seniors typically have the discretionary income and leisure time to travel more than other age groups. Focusing advertising efforts on traveling seniors makes complete sense. Today’s Senior Magazine provides advertisements on senior travel coupled with informative articles on popular travel destinations and pastimes. Advertisers offering air, RV, or cruise information will find Today’s Senior Magazine a great resource.

Advertising to seniors about leisure – Seniors have leisure time, so here’s an advertiser’s dream opportunity. Those that are 50+ spend time with pets, grandchildren, preparing scrapbooks, and photo albums. If you’re an advertiser attempting to sell any products or services, marketing to seniors should be considered. Advertising to the baby boomers isn’t just about the things they must buy, but also the things they want to buy. 

Today’s Senior Magazine is an advertiser’s answer to how to reach baby boomers and those 50+.  Whether you are promoting an online business or a brick-and-mortar store, seniors will be seeing your advertisements both online and in print.