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Advertising to Active Seniors
Advertisers reaching seniors know what is occurring every 8.4 seconds: another baby boomer turns 50. If your business hasn’t learned the lesson of advertising to seniors yet, then it’s time to make a turnaround. By the time 2020 comes around, the elderly population is expected to increase to 54 million people. That’s a huge marketplace; that’s why it makes sense to target some of your advertising dollars towards seniors.

Seniors today are not only prolific; today’s baby boomers are active. Approximately 16 million exercise three times a week. What kind of shoe-insert supports are they buying? Those with successful ads to seniors would know. Are they purchasing nutritional supplements? Businesses selling health-related products could tell you—especially if they’re advertising to the baby boomers. 

Not only are there many seniors to which your business can advertise, but seniors have the income to purchase what you offer. Seen any new cars on the road lately? More than 40% were purchased by someone over 50. Have you visited any casinos or been on a cruise lately? If so, those seniors were probably brought to a travel destination by an advertisement. If you’re not reaching seniors in your advertisements, it’s time you started.

Seniors like to have fun, and many businesses offer goods and services designed to provide recreation and leisure to seniors. In Today’s Senior Magazine, baby boomers can find informative articles and advertisements for travel, recreation, and hobbies. Plus, amongst the ads and articles, those 50+ readers will find humor and information tidbits. Today’s Senior Magazine—both online and in print has articles and advertisements for golfing, cruising, RV’ing, health, and pets. 

Typically, seniors are also grandparents. Those over 50 often have a stronger sense of family ties and want to keep those relationships strong and vibrant. Advertisers offering products that help with keeping in touch with grandchildren have found a great niche market. For example, seniors love to take photographs and share them. If you want to advertise photo equipment or scrapbook supplies, then seniors are a group you should be targeting. Today’s seniors have the desire, the time, and the money to devote to hobbies and leisure activities.

Statistics and experience both show that baby boomers are on the move. A little investment can go a long, long way when advertising to seniors.